The English Church Heidelberg
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Bible Studies and Discussion Groups

We are currently offering an online course “Being aware of God’s love in my life” It is more reflective and prayerful than the courses we have been doing. It involves some private guided bible study, prayer and meditation over a period of five weeks using material which will be distributed. We come together in the weekly joint session to share our experiences. The first session is a general introduction and takes place on Thursday 3 November from 20.00 to 21.30 hrs. The following five sessions are on subsequent Thursday evenings up to 8 December.

A member from a sister congregation (Church of the Ascension Episcopal Church in Munich) will be offering two 8 week courses on mental health awareness training based on Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries. The first course is offered on Monday evenings, 19:30 - 21:30, running September 26th to 28th (no class Oct 24 and 31). The second course will be starting on Thursday January 12th, likewise from 19:30 - 21:30. The course offers videos and discussions with time for everyone to share their experiences. Please note this is not for people requiring mental health care. It is meant to help us help each other. If you are interested, please contact Rev. Ali Gray directly at

Previous Bible Studies and Discussion Groups

The following is information about previous discussions with links to information. If you are interested in further discussions on these topics, please contact the chaplain or wardens.
Race, Reconciliation and Church



Living in Love and Faith

During Lent we held a discussion on “Living in Love and Faith”: Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. For those seeking more information on the topic you can visit the Living in Life and Faith page on the Church of England website.

World Day of Prayer

Our congregation participated in the ecumenical World Day of Prayer service at the Providenzkirche, Heidelberg on March 4th.
The international focus in 2022 is on social issues in England, Wales,and Northern Ireland.

For more information about the World Day of Prayer, see here for English and here for German.