The English Church Heidelberg
Part of the Anglican Diocese in Europe


Dates for the upcoming services are:

  • May 26, 12 noon; Trinity Sunday; Service of Communion; no Young Church **
  • June 2, 12 noon; Proper 4; Service of Communion
  • June 9, 10:30 am; Proper 5; Service of Communion; Young Church
  • June 16, 12 noon; Proper 6; Service of Communion; Young Church
  • June 23, 12 noon; Proper 7; Service of Communion; Young Church
  • June 30, 12 noon; Proper 8; Service of Communion; Young Church

** When Young Church is not offered there is always an area in the rear of the church with coloring supplies and a small table for the children.

We are currently in year B of the Liturgical Calendar. For suggested readings, please check the following website. Our readings may vary from these.


As is Anglican tradition we use a common chalice for communion. If you are leary of using a common cup, it is acceptable to commune only taking the bread, but we encourage you to read this explanation of the safety of receiving communion with the chalice.

We invite you to stay and enjoy coffee, tea and conversation after the service.