The English Church Heidelberg
Part of the Anglican Diocese in Europe

Church Leaders

Rev. Canon John Newsome
Phone: 0162 215 5404

Church Email

Churchwarden and Electoral Roll Officer
Yarley Matzdorf
Phone: 06221 780870

Churchwarden, Safeguarding Officer, Lay Chair of the Church Council
Petrina Ratty
Phone: 06222 52748
for safeguarding purposes only:
for all other church business:

Verein Chair (Friends and Patrons of The English Church Heidelberg)
Elaine Griffiths
Phone: 06221 20497

Licensed Lay Minister (Reader)
Dr Rosemary Selle
Phone: 06221 804146

Local Contact Persons

Our members come from a large radius around Heidelberg. Local Contact Persons offer practical advice for those coming from specific areas.

Mr Robert Crooker, Neckargemünd and area, Tel. 06223 4875636

Mrs H. King-Scott, M.A.   Weinheim  Tel. 0160 92567802

Mr and Mrs David & Hiltrud Stuffins, Darmstadt, Bensheim area,  Tel. o6151 9517480

Dr Matthias Blümke,  Heidelberg, Tel. o6221 7252020

Dr Stefan Mörz, Mannheim & Ludwigshafen, Tel. 0621 624496