The English Church Heidelberg
Part of the Anglican Diocese in Europe

Bible Studies and Discussion Groups

John is leading a Lenten Bible Study on Mark's Gospel. They are offered on Wednesdays from 20:00 to 21:30 hrs. You may join in any time. The sessions do not build on each other. There is a session on March 29th and then there will be a break until after Easter.

Annual General Meeting - May 7

The parish annual general meeting (AGM) will be held on May 7th after the service. We will move from the church to the Carl Winter Saal located down the street at Plöck 16 for the meeting.

World Day of Prayer

Friday 3 March is the World Day of Prayer, and the annual ecumenical service in the Heidelberg Old Town will be hosted by the Evangelische Kapellengemeinde, Plöck 49. The service booklet was prepared by women in Taiwan, who also chose the rhythmic songs. The service (in German), on the theme "I have heard of your faith" (Eph 1:15-19) will start at 6pm and be followed by refreshments. Everyone is most welcome to attend this informative service about the lives of Taiwanese women.

For more information about the World Day of Prayer, see here for English and here for German.

Previous Bible Studies and Discussion Groups

The following is information about previous discussions with links to information. If you are interested in further discussions on these topics, please contact the chaplain or wardens.
Race, Reconciliation and Church



Living in Love and Faith

During Lent we held a discussion on “Living in Love and Faith”: Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. For those seeking more information on the topic you can visit the Living in Life and Faith page on the Church of England website.