The English Church Heidelberg
Part of the Anglican Diocese in Europe


The readings (Year C of the Liturgical Calendar) and dates for the upcoming services are:

  • October 2nd, 12 noon: Harvest Festival Celebration and Baptism; Trinity 16 (Proper 22); Lamentations 1.1-6; Luke 17.5-10; Guest Preacher: Elizabeth Köpping, John Newsome officiating
  • October 9th, 10:30 am: Morning Prayer; Trinity 17 (Proper 23); Jeremiah 29.1,4-7; Luke 17.11-19; Katja and Philip Miti leading service and preaching
  • October 16th, 12 noon; Trinity 19 (Proper 24); Jeremiah 31.27-34; Luke 18.1-8
  • October 23rd, 12 noon; Last Sunday after Trinity (Proper 25); Joel 2.23-32; Luke 18.9-14
  • October 30th, 12 noon

You are very welcome. No registration is required. If you feel more comfortable, you are certainly welcome to wear a mask but we are no longer requiring them to be worn.

We invite you to stay and enjoy coffee, tea and conversation after the service. In inclement weather there is space at the back of the church, but with warm weather we encourage people to gather outside the church doors. Bringing a mug from home will help reduce the work of those serving.

Bible Studies and Discussion Groups

The Lenten Bible Discussion on “Living in Love and Faith” has ended. This discussion is part of an ongoing discussion within the Church of England helping us to think and talk about the themes of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. Those seeking more information on the topic can visit the Living in Life and Faith page on the Church of England website.