The readings (Year C of the Liturgical Calendar) and dates for the upcoming services are:

  • May 15th, 12 noon, Easter 5; Acts 11.1-18; John 13.31-35 (AGM will be held following the service)
  • May 22nd, 12 noon, Easter 6; Acts 16.9-15; John 14.23-29
  • May 29th, 12 noon, Easter 7 (Readings for Ascension Day); Ephesians 1.15-23; Luke 24.44-53
  • June 5th, 12 noon, Pentecost; Acts 2.1-21; John 14.8-17, 25-27
  • June 12th, 10:30 am, Trinity Sunday; Proverbs 1-4, 22-31; John 16.12-15
  • June 19th, 12 noon, Trinity 1 (Proper 7); 1 Kings 19.1-15a; Luke 8.26-39
  • June 26th, 12 noon, Trinity 2 (Proper 8); 2 Kings 2.1-2, 6-14; Luke 9.51-62
  • July 3rd, 12 noon, Trinity 3 (Proper 9), 2 Kings 5.1-14; Luke 10.1-11, 16-20
  • July 10th, 10:30 am, Trinity 4 (Proper 10), Amos 7.7-17; Luke 10.25-37
  • July 17th, 12 noon, Trinity 5 (Proper 11), Amos 8.1-12; Luke 10.38-42
  • July 24th, 12 noon, Trinity 6 (Proper 12), Hosea 1.2-10; Luke 11.1-13
  • July 31st, 12 noon, Trinity 7 (Proper 13), Hosea 11.1-11; Luke 12.13-21

You are very welcome. No registration is required, but we ask that you continue to wear a mask to protect the elderly and the vulnerable in our community.

With the warmer weather, coffee and tea will be served after the service. In inclement weather there is some space at the back of the church, but with warm weather we encourage people to gather outside the church doors for fellowship after the service. Bringing a mug from home will help reduce the work of those serving.

Bible Studies and Discussion Groups

Katja and Philip have kindly agreed to lead an online discussion on the subject, Race, Reconciliation and Church. Please contact Petrina for the link if you would like to take part.
The two following YouTube videos are recommended as preparation for the course:
I Personally Do Not Want Those Statues Taken Away
The Myth of Race Debunked
Dates for the Course are as follows:
12th May: Ideology and Reconciliation, 19:30-21:00 (Phil)
19th May: Justice and White Privilege, 19:30-21:00 (Phil and Katja)
2nd June: Christology and Healing, 19:30-21:00 (Phil and Katja)
9th June: Race and Church, 19:30-21:00 (Katja)

Those seeking more information on the topic of “Living in Love and Faith” can visit the Living in Life and Faith page on the Church of England website.