The English Church and the Anglican Church

We are part of the Church of England ‘Diocese in Europe’, which covers a vast area of the continent and beyond. Our Diocesan Bishop(since 2014) is The Right Revd Dr Robert Innes, who is based in Brussels. The elected Diocesan Synod, the main decision-making body of the diocese, meets annually.The next level in the structure of the diocese is the Archdeaconry. Ours is made up of the East, Germany and Northern Europe. Our recently appointed new Archdeacon is The Venerable Dr Leslie Nathaniel.
Most of our contacts and exchange with other Anglican churches take place at the level of the Deanery of Germany. The Deanery Synod meets twice a year, and we send two elected delegates from our church. The Council of Anglican Episcopal Churches in Germany (CAECG) brings together on a regular basis the Church of England churches in Germany and those of the Episcopal Church of the USA (TEC). The CAECG Developing Christian Ministry programme offers events and workshops for exploring faith and gaining new competencies.