Church Relationships

As well as being Anglican, we are ecumenically aware and active. Our members come from many different church backgrounds, and our contacts with other churches follow naturally. The Church of England is “in full communion” with the Old Catholic Church in Germany, and in Heidelberg we share the church and hold regular services together in both languages. We are active in the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen (ACK; Churches Together in Heidelberg), a council of delegates which offers contacts among local churches through special services, workshops, retreats and other ecumenical activities.
We are also a member of the Internationaler Konvent Christlicher Gemeinden (Baden), a regional group of about 40 non-German churches (Gemeinden anderer Sprache und Herkunft, GASH)  in this part of Germany initiated by the Protestant Church in Baden in 2008. This organisation holds an annual Ecumenical Intercultural Service – that of 2013 was in Pforzheim, and in 2014 the Stadtkirche in Baden-Baden hosted the service. In 2015 the service took place in the Friedenskirche Mannheim on September 27th, and in 2016 and 2017 the intercultural services were held in a number of regional churches in September.