Church Leaders

Locum priest (i.e. temporary)

Phone: 06221 338740

Reader (Licensed Lay Minister) and Deputy Chair of Church Council
Dr Rosemary Selle
Phone: 06221 804146

Lay Chair of Church Council

Cheryl Gladbach, 07253 957165

Young Church leader
Michelle Prelle
Phone: 0621 39182297

Churchwarden and Electoral Roll Officer

Yarley Matzdorf, Vossstraße 8, 69115 Heidelberg

06221 780870

Churchwarden  and Safeguarding Officer,

Deanery Synod  

Petrina Ratty

Phone: 06222 52748

Verein Chair (Friends and Patrons of The English Church Heidelberg)
Elaine Griffiths
Phone: 06221 20497