The English Church Heidelberg
Part of the Anglican Diocese in Europe

From the Chaplain…

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ of the English Church Heidelberg,

Easter Greetings!

I once again express my great joy in serving as the Chaplain of the Heidelberg Chaplaincy. Thanks for all your wishes for Easter and for your loving concern and support in my ministerial activities. As a vibrant and growing chaplaincy with church members representing different nationalities and backgrounds, we are blessed to be united in the name of Christ and worship together.

For a worthwhile ministry and good functioning of the chaplaincy, we will have the Annual Meeting of our Chaplaincy along with our Verein “Freunde und Förderer der Englischen Kirche Heidelberg e.V.“ , which will be on Sunday 21 April at 2.15 pm following the 12 noon Church Service and Potluck lunch at ESG Gemeindesaal, Plöck 66, Heidelberg. (

Potluck Lunch: To mark just how far we have come and as recognition and affirmation of our fellowship in Christ, let's get together and have some lunch after the service and share what we bring with enough to go around! Drinks, plates, and cutlery will be arranged at ESG Gemeindesaal.

Who can attend the annual meeting?

All the members of the English Church can attend the Annual Meeting and be part of all the proceedings of the meeting but only the members whose names are on the Electoral Roll of the Church are eligible “to vote and to be elected.”

Who is a voting member?

An actual communicant is a “voting member” whose name is entered on the Church Electoral Roll which means that the one who is “16 years of age or older and has received Communion according to the use of the Church of England or of a Church in communion with the Church of England at least three times during the twelve months preceding the date of the election.

The current list of voting members who have fulfilled the criteria is on display at the back of the church. Please note that any addition or removal of the names on the electoral roll can be done only until (Sunday) 07-04-2023, i.e., 14 days before the Annual Meeting (21-04-2023). For addition of names, see attached Electoral Roll Form and for removal of names, please give your consent in writing.

» Electoral Roll Form 2024

(Those who are on the Electoral Roll will remain on it irrespective of their attendance at the Annual meeting, but you are all encouraged to attend the meeting as your presence and votes are valuable)

What happens in this annual meeting?

  • The church officers are elected/ appointed and a new chaplaincy council will be formed for the year 2024-2025.
  • The reports of all the activities of the church related to ministry and church administration will be presented.
  • When necessary, important resolutions are made.

Election of 6 council members

The total number of elected council members for this church is six. Any member whose name is on the Electoral Roll can become a council member. (See the voting members list displayed on the church Notice Board)

For anyone to be elected to the Chaplaincy Council, there will need to be two other persons who are on the electoral roll to sign the nomination form (one to propose and one to second). The person proposed and seconded will need to sign the form as well. The nomination form is attached.

» Council Member Nomination Form

In case of more than 6 nominated persons, there will be an election among the nominated persons and only 6 will be elected as the council members.

Election of churchwardens

Two church wardens are elected every year, and the wardens can serve in the office for 6 consecutive years and be nominated again after an appropriate break (attached is the nomination form for Church Wardens).

» Churchwarden Nomination Form

Safe-guarding requirements

Safeguarding measures are required to promote a safer environment and culture. The following courses are recommended for everyone and is mandatory for the council members. The members who wish to be nominated to the chaplaincy council and have not completed the following courses can do so later after being elected as the council member.

  1. Basic Awareness (Online)
  2. Foundations (Online)
  3. Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse (Online)

Who will be on the Chaplaincy Council 2024-2025?

  • 6 council members (elected)
  • 5 Ex-officio members – Chaplain, the Chair of the Council (1), Church Wardens (2), Synod representatives (2)
  • 2 co-opted members

May I take this opportunity to offer a sincere and special word of thanks and appreciation to the present Church Council and Verein Board members for their valuable contribution in terms of time, energy, and dedication to church ministry and administration during the year (2023-2024).

  1. Petrina Ratty (As Church Warden, Lay Vice Chair, Safeguarding Officer)
  2. Yarley Matzdorf (as Church Warden and Electoral Officer)
  3. Diana Peterson (as Secretary and Synod Representative)
  4. Maureen Fischer as Synod Representative
  5. Verein Board Members:
    • Elaine Griffiths as Chairperson
    • Diana Peterson as Deputy Chairperson
    • Robert Crooker as Treasurer
  6. Jeremy Hotchkiss - Council member and Environmental Officer
  7. James Fischer – Council Member
  8. Junko Iwasaki – Council Member
  9. Christine Wetzka – Council Member

For any doubts and clarification, kindly contact the chaplain at Also kindly confirm your participation in the Annual Meeting as soon as possible.

With prayers and regards,

Pearly Walter