The English Church Heidelberg
Part of the Anglican Diocese in Europe

Donating to the English Church Heidelberg

Donations to the church are done through the Verein der Freunde und Förderer der englischen Kirche Heidelberg e.V. (Friends and Patrons of the English Church Heidelberg). This is the recognised charity which finances our church under German law. Our church is financially independent (we receive no financial assistance through German taxes or the Church of England). We therefore encourage donations from our guests and members as they feel able. Money donated to the Verein can be deducted from taxes payable in Germany. Money may be donated through an offering during the service, a direct transfer to the bank or through a monthly pledge form. Forms for this are available at church (or ask our Verein Chair, Elaine Griffiths, for an online copy).

Our bank account is:
Englische Kirche Heidelberg
Sparkasse Heidelberg
IBAN: DE39 6725 0020 0000 0073 58


For many years The English Church Heidelberg has chosen an annual project to be supported by regular collections, prayer, a dedicated Project Sunday Service and a display at church with feedback and up-to-date information. Our current project focuses on Medair, an NGO working in Lebanon. More than 300,000 people were left homeless after the devastating port explosion in September 2020. Despite these struggles Lebanon still hosts more refugees than any other country in the world. Alex, a young energetic former member of our community, left Heidelberg to join Medair as it works to improve healthcare and living conditions for the Lebanese and for the refugees residing there.

Two places where MEDAIR is especially helpful in Lebanon is at the informal settlements of the Bekaa Valley where they are the lead agency for shelter assistance; and in Beirut where they work closely with local health workers and the ministry of public health to provide Mental Health and Psychosocial support.

Please support this project through prayer and funding, and take an interest in its progress at their website: Medair Lebanon. You can contribute through the offering collection at the special Project Sunday Service or on any Sunday in cash to church leaders. You may also contribute by direct transfer through the bank by indicating the purpose of payment as a Medair contribution.