Our Community

We are now in the process of finding a new priest-in-charge for The English Church Heidelberg. This will be a “house-for-duty” post, meaning that we provide accommodation (the clergy flat in Erbprinzenstraße 30) and expenses of office, and the priest offers regular Sunday worship and one to two further days of ministry.  There is an advert for this post in the church press on February 16 and 23, and interviews with the candidates will take place in Heidelberg on April 12.


Belonging to The English Church Heidelberg Everyone coming to our services is a “member of the Body of Christ.” We welcome baptised members of all Christian churches to share in the sacrament of Holy Communion. We encourage and prepare any who seek Baptism, Confirmation or Reception into the church. More formal membership is as follows: The Electoral Roll lists all those who attend services reasonably regularly and play an active part by electing church office-bearers and possibly standing for election themselves at the Annual Church Meeting. There is no financial requirement. How to support our church financially: see below.

For many years The English Church Heidelberg has chosen an annual project to be supported by regular collections (every two months), prayer, a dedicated Project Service and a display at church with feedback and up-to-date information. Our new project has been launched: we are contributing to education for children in Zambia orphaned by HIV/Aids, through the organisation Cecily's Fund. The first collection was taken on February 18th, and there will be further collections in April and June. Please support this project through prayer and funding, and take an interest in its progress.

The Verein der Freunde und Förderer der englischen Kirche Heidelberg e.V. (Friends and Patrons of the English Church Heidelberg) is the recognised charity which finances our church under German law. Money donated to the Verein can be deducted from taxes payable in Germany. We suggest that members give at least €30 per year. For bank details see Giving to The English Church Heidelberg