Our Community


Our Priest-in-Charge From September 2014 we had The Revd Dr Elizabeth Köpping as our resident priest-in-charge. For family reasons she is unexpectedly returning to the UK in April 2016, and the Eucharist on April 17th was her last with us. We have been much blessed by her ministry here, and hope she will return from time to time as a visiting priest or simply a visitor in the pew. In the next few months we will have locum (i.e. temporary) clergy coming to take our services, staying for between 1 and 4 weeks. All of them have been with us before and we look forward to welcoming them and their spouses here again. They will be staying at the clergy flat in Erbprinzenstraße 30, 69126 Heidelberg (Tel. 06221 338740). Our regular pattern of services will continue, with Holy Communion on most Sundays and Morning Prayer from time to time, conducted by our Reader (Licensed Lay Minister) Dr Rosemary Selle.  For further contact details see Church Leaders.  
  • Local Contact Persons
On Advent Sunday 2015 we commissioned a group of members to be Local Contact Persons (LCPs), available by email and /or telephone to offer help and encouragement, information and advice both to newcomers and to those already settled here.
  • The LCPs, their areas and contact details:
  • Heidelberg: Matthias Blümke matthias.bluemke@urz.uni-heidelberg.de
  • Heidelberg University: Brian Yudhistiara     jy_brian@hotmail.com
  • Eppelheim, Plankstadt, Schwetzingen  Pat Benbow  pat.benbow@gmx.de
  • Ludwigshafen / Mannheim: Stefan Mörz  stefan.moerz@Ludwigshafen.de
  • Speyer-Germersheim: Celia Mappes   cedida.ma@t-online.de
  • Darmstadt: David & Hiltrud Stuffins   miezepuss@t-online.de  Tel. 06151 9517480
  • Odenwald/Neckartal: Nigel Day   nigelday@web.de
  • Weinheim: Hellen King-Scott   hellen.king-scott@web.de
  • Bruchsal: Cheryl Gladbach  cguw52911@gmail.com   Tel. 07253 957165
  • Wiesloch / Leimen: Rita Günther  Ingo.gunter@kabelbw.de  and Petrina Hotchkiss  petrina.hotchkiss@web.de
Do feel free to get in touch with the LCP for your area with any questions or problems you may have.  

Belonging to The English Church Heidelberg Everyone coming to our services is a “member of the Body of Christ.” We welcome baptised members of all Christian churches to share in the sacrament of Holy Communion. We encourage and prepare any who seek Baptism, Confirmation or Reception into the church. More formal membership is as follows: The Electoral Roll lists all those who attend services reasonably regularly and play an active part by electing church office-bearers and possibly standing for election themselves.

For many years The English Church Heidelberg has chosen an annual project to be supported by regular collections (every two months), prayer, a dedicated Project Service and a display at church with feedback and up-to-date information. With our last project we were helping to prevent and treat eye diseases such as cataracts in Uganda and other African countries, through the Christoffel Blindenmission / Christian Blind Mission (CBM). At the Annual Church Meeting on April 10th 2016 it was decided to adopt two projects for the coming year: for six months from Pentecost onwards, support for St Paul's  Athens in its work among refugees, then the TSA (Technical Services Association Pakistan), the first registered charitable Christian Organisation in Lahore, established in 1947. It works for marginalised women through Vocational Training Programmes, Craft Development and Production projects. TSA provides promotional and technical skills for poor and destitute persons (especially women and disabled  children) in both cities and villages. Our collections for this project will be on November 27th, January 29th and April 2nd.

The Verein der Freunde und Förderer der englischen Kirche Heidelberg e.V. (Friends and Patrons of the English Church Heidelberg) is the recognised charity which finances our church under German law. Money donated to the Verein can be deducted from taxes payable in Germany. We suggest that members give at least €30 per year. For bank details see Giving to The English Church Heidelberg