About us

There has been an “English Church” in Heidelberg since the 19th century. A chaplaincy was established in 1835, and from 1844 the congregation met in the former Dominican Convent chapel, now the Erlöserkirche on Plöck, where we still worship today. We share use of the church with the Old Catholic congregation.

Since 1980 The English Church Heidelberg has been a mostly lay-led congregation within the Diocese in Europe. Our congregation is international and drawn from many different backgrounds. We use the Common Worship liturgy of the Church of England but also integrate elements from other traditions in our worship. Our Ministry Team – consisting of Reader, Lay Assistant and clergy who are with us for a time – plan and conduct services. Most Sundays we celebrate Holy Communion. On the occasional Sunday when we cannot offer Holy Communion a Morning Prayer or Family Worship Service is offered. Due to the pandemic and the inability to hire locum priests from England we are currently only able to offer services once a monnth.

Responsibility for the day-to-day running of the church is in the hands of the Reader and Churchwardens and the elected Church Council with its Lay Chair.

The English Church Heidelberg is part of the Church of England Diocese in Europe (www.europe.anglican.org), and is active in the ecumenical body of local churches ‘Arbeitsgemeinschaft christlicher Kirchen’ (ACK).